City of Simplicity

47 Pages/11,000 words

Citizen 52701 once had a life that is now a distant memory in her dreams. All that remains is the name she carried over from the time before the change: Lyn. As a by-the-book law enforcer of a newly controlled futuristic society, everything is available at one’s fingertips. Except the one thing that matters most of all.

A renegade is on the loose, moving amidst the shadows to stay alive. His one goal is to find the wife he lost when the change took over the city. The problem? She is one of the many enforcers eliminating renegades trying to escape the system’s control. He’ll risk everything to try and bring her back to him. No matter who or what he has to take down to do the job.

City of Simplicity is an 11k bite-sized romantic sci-fi novelette. Short enough to consume on your coffee or lunch break!


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“CITY OF SIMPLICITY takes media influence to an extreme in order to examine the cost of such blind acceptance.”
Heather Massey ‘The Galaxy Express’


“It’s kind of Brave New World/ Logan’s Run-ish and a neat story. It’s a intriguing world…
…I hope the author considers working in this universe again with perhaps a longer story.”
RK Shiraishi ‘Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, Issue 8 ‘